Agenda Participation Initiative

About Agenda Participation Initiative Organization

Agenda Participation Initiative (API),formerly known as Agenda Participation 2000(AP2000) is a not-for-profit sharing organization which was found in 2000. It became legally registered under the Non-governmental Organization Act, 2002 of the laws of Tanzania in the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children in 2019 with registration number 00NGO/R2/00088.

API works to promote and enhance good governance, democracy, socio-economic justice, environmental and natural resource governance, humanitarian and victims support for poverty alleviation. API works collectively with the community, government, civil society organizations (CSOs), private sector, and development partners to transform the lives of marginalized and vulnerable people and communities living in poverty to achieve the Tanzania Development Vision 2025, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

API operates at both grassroots and national level focusing in the neediest communities with extremely poverty in Tanzania Currently API works in three zones; Eastern, coastal and Lake Zone, with its head office located in Dar es Salaam.

API Key Objectives

>>    To identify socio-economic and political challenges and

empower the community to participate in addressing them,

>>     To identify and address root causes of poverty facing

marginalized communities and vulnerable people through

strategic approach and methodologies.

>>    To empower the people who are working to improve their


>>     To work with development partners to improve the lives of

local communities through a range of integrated development


>>    To ensure that economic activities and institutions at all

levels promote human development equitably and sustainably,

>>    To affirm gender equality and equity as prerequisites to

sustainable development,

>>    To invest in Research and Development (R&D) for

evidence-based interventions.


Our Mission

To transform the lives of people living in poverty for sustainable future


Our Vision

To have an empowered and inclusive community free from poverty


Our Goals

To promote:

  1. Democratic values in the society,
  2. Opportunities to participate in political, economic, and social life,
  3. Sustainable economic growth for all,
  4. Improved social services delivery systems,
  5. Institutions that are responsible for public accountability

Agenda Participation Initiative

Key Approaches

  1. Policy Intervention
  2. Awareness Campaigns
  3. Advocacy Engagement
  4. Capacity Building, and Development
  5. Information Empowerment and Innovation
  6. Research, Development, and Learning (CRD&L)

API Theory of Change


To have an empowered and inclusive community free from poverty.



Long-term outcome –developing agenda and decisions that aim to eradicate poverty

Intermediate outcome – engaging in the decision- making process

 Immediate outcome – participating in the development agenda



An empowered society that takes actions to eradicate poverty

Our Core Values


We endeavor to nurture an open and positive working environment to promoting a strong, trustworthy, and resilient team in all circumstances


We encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion team; by valuing and having a diverse team and welcome a variety of perspectives, celebrate differences, and strive for equality


We are rooted in recognizing shortcomings and working to overcome them by keeping ourselves accountable; making our actions visible and accepting consequences when our actions are unacceptable

Our Core Values

Team Work

We value each individual’s skills and talents, work together,share ideas, improve each other’s work, and help one another to

achieve common goals


What makes us truly

unique is our ability to develop workable solutions to the problems facing the neediest community


Our team love new

challenges and see things in the big picture whilst solving problems