Organization Structure

0.1 The Governing body
The governing body of API is called the “Board of Directors of API composed of not less than (4) members headed by the Chairman, Vice Chairman and the Secretary of the Board. This is the overall policy making and visionary organ of the entity and provides overall support to the Organization’s management team.

0.2 The Management Body
The Management body is called the API Management Team (API -MT) headed by the Executive Director (ED) who is responsible to the Board. It is composed of the following members: the executive director, operational unit coordinators, the administrator, Accountant and Secretary. This body oversees the implementation of policies and provides operational guidelines for the Organization on behalf of the Board of Directors and reports to the Board of Directors.

0.3 Specialized Units (SUs).
These are professional units of the Organization responsible for preliminary plans and provision of advisory services to the API -MT on specific issues within their area of specialization. They are headed by expert coordinators known as Specialized Unit Coordinators (SUCs).Each Specialized Unit works through a Team of Coordinators (TECOs) ranked as Senior or Lead Coordinators (SECOs or LECOs), Junior or Assistant Coordinator (JUCOs or ASCOs) and Apprentice Coordinator (APCOs)

0.4 The Administrative Team

The API’s Administration is headed by Organization’s Administrator and composed of all salaried staff (Accountant, Secretary and others as shall be determined by the Board of Directors of the Organization).

0.5 The BUDGET Organograme